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最優秀金賞受賞/  国立競技場

民謡民舞全国大会優勝 /経済産業大臣賞受賞/国技館

Studied the Shamisen (Japanese guitar) and Japanese classical dance in Kanazawa from the cradle.
Established the new Japanese dance school which is called Takafuji-ryu" in 1987.Takafuji-ryu is designated as a group which carry on the tradition of folklore performing arts. Her gorgeous and powerful performance receives a high reputation and fascinates the audience. Not only as performer but also as choreographer and producer, she creates so many stages with her unique sensitivity. With the wish to be a bridge between Japan and the world through dance, she works in overseas actively. In Japan inside, she performs not only in the theater but also in traditional and social places such as temple, shrine and nursing home sometimes as volunteer. She performs with her sons, Ukon and Sakon and put the energy to train the next generation as successor of this tradition. Beyond the performer, her talent is in active not only in traditional performing arts field but also in business field. She produced garment company, BANLEE,  which is collaborated with traditional crafts such as Nishijin brocade and Kaga yuzen (print silk). BANLEE brand is awarded "Silver prize at Kanazawa traditional craft"as qualified product. The only one commercial theater in Kanazawa was established by her.


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